Chess lessons

Much has been said about the benefits of playing chess for personality development and thinking. You can find some of my scientific publications, dedicated to this topic in the Chess for children section.


I hold distance-learning classes with children and adults of various qualifications via Skype or Zoom. I also have a Youtube channel where I post training videos. You can join by clicking on this link.

Chess lessons are held according to an individual plan based on the student's knowledge, abilities, and needs. I provide each student with the necessary chess literature, software, and material for homework. I have 13 years' of experience as a coach with students of the different levels. I am studying with many strong GM in Russia, so I have an idea of the many teaching methods (including the famous method of Russian chess school) and a lot of educational material.

Chess training mode:

  • Game. Training games, analysis of the games played in collaboration with the student, discussion.
  • Analysis of the games played by both the top chess players and the games you have played in tournaments.
  • Theory. Study of the opening theory, middlegame and endgame.
  • Test. Solution of tactical tasks, studies.

The price for classes is negotiated individually, depending on the student's qualifications and age.

I am open to cooperation with chess organizations, ready to record training videos for your company, hold a simultaneous game session, etc.

You are welcome to find out more and book your first lesson right now!

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