Chess for adults

You can train and improve your skills in playing chess at any age. In addition to the development of personal qualities, a chess game is an excellent rest after a rough day. It gives positive emotions from the competition and victory over a worthy opponent.

If You do not have free time to visit chess clubs but have a desire to understand the secrets of the ancient game, I offer you classes in the online mode, assistance in mastering the modern world of Internet chess: participation in tournaments, watching major chess events, matches, chess software, and so on.

Currently, many corporate tournaments are held between organizations, and there are chess leagues for corporate teams. Thus, it is possible to organize integrated preparation for these tournaments to achieve the best results for You and Your team. I am holding group classes and training webinars. I have conducted training sessions for the children's national team of the Republic of Tatarstan, women chess players from Brazil, and I also held monthly webinars for all comers.


You are welcome to find out more and book your first lesson right now!


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  1. Dear Karina,

    I am an adult male, 65+, and came across your site while looking for a coach. I currently have one but I believe I need a different approach to improve my game. I viewed your lessons on how to find tactics, and I was very impressed. You presented it very clearly and it was easy to understand. I play for fun, and on “” I’m rated about 1475. I know I can play at a higher level as I have a very analytical mind (I have a degree in engineering). I’d really like to improve my game, because when I do something I like to do it well. What do you charge for lessons? I look forward to hearing from you.

    Ira Wainless

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