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My new video course about the most common pawn structures.

Dear chess friends, I would like to introduce my new video course about the most common pawn structures in the game: ISOLATED PAWN, HANGING AND CENTRAL PAWNS. I provides the essential ingredients for every chess player who wishes to progress to the expert level and beyond. If you’re rated in the 1400-2000 range and are…
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In this video I analyze Karpov's pawn sacrifice in the game against Morovic, Las Palmas 1994. [embed][/embed]
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Intermediate move in a chess game

The first thing I want to write is a very important and interesting topic: intermediate move in chess. During the game we have a lot of possibilities of getting an intermediate move, but automatically we miss the improvement of our position and sometimes a win.  An intermediate move— it's a move which can appear in…
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My Youtube and Twitch channel

Hello everyone! I am happy to announce I have created the channel on Youtube and Twitch where I publish the video of chess lessons, playing the tournaments with stream and commenting the strong chess tournaments. The link on Youtube: , Don't forget to subscribe :) The link on my Twitch channel: [embed][/embed]
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