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1st women’s prize in Brawl Arena!

🔝On last weekend, second time in a row, I won first women's prize in Brawl Arena on 🔥It was nice to play against such a great player like Alexander Grischuk. About the tournament:
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Bundesliga season 2022-2023

✔On last weekend were played regular games in women's Bundesliga. Where I am playing for  SK Schwäbisch Hall during 11 years. 💯We won 2 matches and now we are leaders. Cross table:
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🔥My team took 1st place in qualification for the main event of PRO CHESS LEAGUE on Team: GM Eduardo Iturrizaga, GM Miguel Santos Ruiz, GM José Carlos Ibarra, IM Karina Ambartsumova. 💯 It has been really tough tournament with ups and downs but we showed great team spirit. We are looking for the main…
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First women’s prize in Titled Tuesday.

✔On 1st of November was held traditional online blitz tournament - Titled Tuesday. 🔥I took 6 points out of 11 and it was enough to win the first women prize in the tournament. More about the tournament.
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