My new video course about the most common pawn structures.

Dear chess friends,

I would like to introduce my new video course about the most common pawn structures in the game: ISOLATED PAWN, HANGING AND CENTRAL PAWNS.

I provides the essential ingredients for every chess player who wishes to progress to the expert level and beyond. If you’re rated in the 1400-2000 range and are looking to get a lot stronger this video course will be very helpful for you.

Organized by strong pawn structures, weak pawn structures, and pawn structure methods, the video covers the complete realm of pawn structure play.

Every player who aspires to chess mastery will benefit from this video which transcends all phases of play.

What’s included?

Included 6 hours of training and video recording of my webinars for young chess players of America + PGN file with all games.

 After finishing this course you will have a clear-and-precise mind map for the 3 common pawn structures.

The price is 20 euro.

For more information contact me via email:


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