International open tournament San Cristobal La Laguna.

I have played in international open tournament San Cristobal La Laguna which was held in Tenerife (27.08-3.09). ✅ The tournament was very well organised. 🔥I played many interesting games and it was nice to finish without any loss. I shared 4th place, gained some elo points. Now I have 2410 in live rating and position…
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Match against former World Champion.

🎯The qualification for the online super tournament Women's Speed ​​Chess Championship took place last week. First we had the Swiss tournament, among 95 participants, 8 places could qualify to the knockout, where the winner was to be revealed. 🔥 I took 1st place in the tournament and in a knockout I had to play a…
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My interview for ChessBase

🔥My first interview in spanish was broadcast on the channel of  Pablo Alejandro Acosta for ChessBase. Here you can find the article on the site. ✅Video version you can watch on YouTube channel. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qdXklk7sSvg
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